Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions establish a binding contract between you (hereafter referred to as the "Client") and 9Block Productions (hereafter referred to as the "Service Provider").


The Client and the Service Provider agree to the following:




1.1 Any additional fees, if applicable, and the total production cost, will be paid by the Client, or will be reimbursed to the Service Provider where previous arrangements have been made.


1.2 The Client agrees to pay a "booking deposit" totaling 50% of the quoted production cost prior to the booking date.


1.3 The Service Provider will secure the Client’s booking date(s) when the first payment is received. Until this amount is received, all dates are considered tentative and subject to booking confirmations by other clients. It is in the Client’s best interest to book well in advance.


1.4 A $75.00 “cancellation fee” will be added to the final payment where the Client fails to provide a cancellation or rescheduling notice at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled filming date(s).


1.5 Applicable to weddings only, the Client agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of the quoted production cost.


1.6 General travel fees outside of the metropolitan area are based upon the latest travel expense rates provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): 59.0¢/km. If the location(s) is/are provided, travel fees will be included in the quoted production cost and are negotiable depending on your project.


1.7 Any fee(s) required to be paid by the Service Provider as a direct result of the provision of services, including but not limited to, admission fees, parking fees, meals, accommodations, etc. will be added to the total production cost and will be paid by the Client.

1.8 If the Client requires the Service Provider to be present outside of the agreed time frame(s), the additional hour(s) will be added to the total production cost and will be paid by the Client at a rate of $250.00/hour.


1.9 All invoices will be paid within fourteen (14) days of invoice date or before raw and/or final material is released to the Client, whichever date comes first.


1.10 Payment(s) can be made by cash, check or Interact e-transfer. Other payment methods are accepted; however, any fees incurred will be added to the total production cost and will be paid by the Client.





2.1 Video production includes, but is not limited to, pre-production, audio/video recording and/or post-production, such as video editing, multi-camera/audio syncing and color correction.


2.2 Unless previously agreed upon, photography services (i.e. taking photos, photo editing, etc.), motion graphics, typography, etc. are not included in video production, but are available through our photography services. We are multi-talented professionals; however, we must ensure the proper skill-sets and equipment are assigned to your project.


2.3 If requested, the Client is entitled to one (1) rough draft of the video which remains property of the Service Provider, in which feedback is to be given for inclusion in the final product, and may not be used without permission granted by the Service Provider.


2.4 Ideally, it is the responsibility of the Client to provide the Service Provider with specific requests and/or ideas for their project prior to the booking date. The Service Provider reserves the right to refuse implementation of any specific requests and/or ideas if not communicated to the Service Provider before the final product is delivered. Additional work and/or changes to the final product is welcome but may incur additional fees.


2.5 If the Client wishes to obtain files via physical media, in addition to the material provided by the Service Provider via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or other file transferring service, this can be requested for an additional fee. Physical media includes DVD, USB drive, external HDD, etc. and is subject to pricing and availability.


2.6 If the Client wishes to have material backed up to an off-site server, which allows unlimited access for storing and sharing, this can be arranged and managed by the Service Provider.




3.1 All audio/video recordings remain property of the Service Provider and may be used, either in sections or in entirety, in any manner deemed acceptable by the Service Provider, including but not limited to, promotional use, marketing, competition entry, and/or publication on internet, radio, television and/or other mediums of technology, except where previous agreements have been made.


3.2 The Service Provider will abide by all rules of the venue and/or directions of staff and/or facility coordination personnel in regard to audio/video recording. It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain permission from the venue for the Service Provider to set up equipment and to record audio and/or video with or without flash and/or lighting. It is also the responsibility of the Client to secure permission of any person who is audio and/or video recorded by the Service Provider. Reimbursement will not be issued nor will liability be accepted by the Service Provider if permission for audio/video recording(s) is denied.


3.3 If the Client wishes to include third-party material in their project for use that is not private or educational, the Client indemnifies the Service Provider against any possible claims, disputes, expenses or cases that may arise from a third-party concerning usage of this material.

3.4 The Service Provider guarantees coverage only within the bounds of any restrictions imposed by present parties and the constraints of the physical environment, safety, weather and other factors beyond control. As such, the Service Provider cannot guarantee coverage of outside projects during inclement weather and extreme conditions, and is recommended that the Client arranges adequate shelter from such conditions in order for provision of services.


3.5 If at any time the health and/or safety of the Service Provider and/or equipment is compromised or deemed unsafe, or if the Service Provider is subjected to aggressive or abusive behavior, the Service Provider and/or equipment may be removed from the location.

3.6 The Service Provider strives to maintain a high standard of production quality and equipment; however, the Client understands that factors beyond control, including but not limited to, low lighting, memory card/battery swaps, equipment malfunction, etc. may result in coverage loss or un-predicted audio/video quality and that the Service Provider will not be held accountable for such scenarios.

3.7 The Client understands that film techniques often require multiple takes and that patience and time is required for set-up of shots to make them perfect. The quality and quantity of shots will be directly related to the amount of time and the location(s) chosen by the Client.

3.8 Unless otherwise discussed, the Client acknowledges that although the Service Provider is experienced in discrete provision of services, coverage and angles are ultimately decided by the Service Provider which may obscure the view parties present. The Client acknowledges that present parties’ unwillingness to cooperate with the Service Provider may result in insufficient or undesirable coverage of requested shots/interviews or provision of services.

3.9 The Service Provider will try as best as possible to obtain requested video shots and/or audio recordings but will not be held accountable for reasons beyond control.


3.10 Any equipment damaged beyond normal wear and tear as a direct result of malicious or negligent behavior by the Client will result in the cost of any and/or all repairs or replacements being added to the total production cost and will be paid by the Client.


3.11 Any equipment lost, damaged or stolen resulting in lost footage (recorded and/or un-recorded) may entitle the Client to a partial or full refund of the service. Where a service is unable to be re-provided, the refund will be a numeration determined by the approximate percentage of the project that was not able to be carried out at the discretion of the Service Provider.


3.12 Although all of our Clients’ material is backed up on our systems indefinitely, the length of time material is stored is ultimately dependent on storage space. The Service Provider reserves the right to delete all raw video and/or audio recordings, project files, rough edits and final edits once the Client has received the final video.




4.1 All terms and conditions within this document are deemed acceptable to the Client and override any terms and conditions established by the Client.


4.2 The inability to fulfill the terms and conditions in this document by the Service Provider due to personal accident, illness, death or other reasons beyond control entitles the Client to a reimbursement or credit applicable to the section of this document that is not fulfilled.


4.3 The Client has viewed sample material provided by the Service Provider and is satisfied with the quality, capabilities and artistic style of this work.


4.4 All terms and conditions within this document are accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you have any questions or comments regarding your project, please feel free to contact us any time.

Updated: 2020-01-12

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